Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Tag-Emma

1. What would you consider yourself-casual or dressy?
Casual, on most days.

 2. Where would you be found-reading a book in a tree? or rowing a little boat on the lake?
Rowing a little boat lake.

 3. Warm weather or cold?

 4. Are you a big fancy dinner kind of person, or just a fast food one?
Fast food, probably Sonic, it has one some of my favorite food there.

 5. What are your top five favorite Jane Austen movies?
Emma (2009) and Pride and Prejudice (1995), that's all the Jane Austin movies I've seen at the moment.

 6. Who is your top three heroine characters? (I had to have at least three, I mean it would be really tough for me to just chose one :))
Uh.....I don't really have any TOP three heroines, but I like heroines like Mulan and Merida, although I haven't seen any of those, but I still like them.

 7. If you were in a predicament, what would you rather want, a bow and some arrows, or a huge sward?
A bow and some arrows.

 8. What book have you most recently read, and how many times have you read it?
The Boxcar Children, and I have only read that once.

 9. What's your favorite Disney Pixar movie?
Monsters Inc.

 10. Would you rather sing or dance?
Probably sing.

 11. Have you watched any new movie recently?
Monsters Inc.

Sorry I haven't posted at all, I haven't been on blogger for a while. Hope you enjoyed the post!


Molly said...

Hi, Emma! I liked your first post!

Belle, Addy and Emma said...

Thanks! And thank you Belle for the tag, she helped me with it :)