Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My drawings- Emma

Hello everyone! So since my two other sisters aren't gonna be posting on this anytime soon, so they said I could use this blog until I'm old enough to get my own one. Anyways I wanted to show you my characters that I drew!

This is Mrs. Ducky (she is a chicken but has the wrong name! :) She is a very silly chicken though!

This is Isabelle Margaret and she is a pirate girl.  She goes on a journey to save her mother from Slavery.

This is Tricia. She is an Irish girl who is trying to trace her family's roots. 

This is Fiona. She is a hunter. And she uses her magic flute/staff to lure the magic animals to her.

This is Lu. She Lives in a hidden world in the north-pole. 

Well I gotta go now! I hope you liked it! Bye!