About Belle

Hello my name is Isabella Margarete Rovirosa,
(Other wise known as Rapunzel)

 But my friends call me Belle or Bella. I like Bella, but you can choose. I was born on May 2, 1999.  I am a sinner saved by Christ's blood. I have a VERY big family.
(Alex, the miserable looking one, Jon, Nick, Ally and me)
(Alex and I playing pilgrims on Thanksgiving in our (boat)
My first birthday!
I am 13 years old and I am the 5th child of twelve.
    Me at three.
                                                                      I have four sisters,
Addy, me, Prissy, Ally and Emma

Three older brothers,

Alex, me, Nick and Jon. Both of these pictures are very old.

And three younger brothers.
Zach and Joey

And cute Ben!
And little Timmy in heaven. We have a lot of fun together. And I'm very close to each one of them.

Ally 24,

Nick 21,

Jon 19,

Alex 17,

OK this is a really old picture of him. But right now its the only one I have.

Joey 8,

Prissy 6,

Zachy 4,

Ben 3,

And as you probably know from looking at our blog, I have two sisters that I share this blog with.

with, Addy 12,

who's been sweet ever since we were little.
and we've always been like our own little team:)
of course I've always been the boss of things. ;)

When we were little we made our first cake by our selves.

We went to an aquarium for the first tame a while back, and took really funny pictures.
Emma 10,

We were really goofy one day, and took this.
We took this a LONG time ago when Emma was really little. She looks adorable.

Jumping on our trampoline,
riding roller coasters,
making gingerbread houses at Christmas,
playing on play grounds, the ones that I fit on any way :)
dressing up,
my dog,
my doll Bella,
Doctor Who,
BBC mini series,
 other movies,
cooking and baking,
taking care of babies,
funny pictures,
And lots, lots more.
We have fun together, making spoof videos, funny cooking videos and hilarious pictures. I’m planning on posting them as soon as I can. And I’m planning on posting the thingsI do, the things I like to do, the places we go, the birthday parties I get to set up, the things I cook, and the crafts I make. I love all those things and I love being with my family and friends... and I’m planning on showing you all of it.

Thanks for being a part of our blog. Come back soon.


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Naomi Bennet said...

I love this page!

You have such a lovely family. I also have a big family (nine children) and I'm second.

In that picture of all the girls together, is that in your house? Because it's a BEAUITFUL room with ADORABLE pink stuff- I just LOVE that picture!