Sunday, June 2, 2013

American Girl Book reviews-Saige Book One and Two

Okay  I just read the new American girl, girl of the year 2013 Saige books and I really liked them a lot. Here's what I thought about them: the story plot was pretty good and Saige wasn't disrespectful or sarcastic or anything......well she did get a little impatient sometimes but that's kind of natural. I liked the illustrations too they looked really realistic but I wish they had more in the books cause in each book there are only three illustrations, but that's okay :) There might be a few boring parts but in every book I've read ( which I've read a lot of books so far) there's always a boring part. One thing I dislike about AG books ( American Girl ) is the end. I like the outfits they wear too, but the skirts are sometimes a little short but otherwise cute. Some other things  I liked about the Saige books was that she loved art, she rode horses , she had a friend who could train dogs, and a friend who loved music. I had fun reading them and I can't wait to see the next girl of the year next year. I've read other girl of the year books too like, Lindsey, Kailey, Marisol, Jess, Nicki, Mia, and Lanie.  I have the doll of 2011 girl of the year Kanani ( cause she looks like me except I'm not that tan ) she's Hawaiian but Ally said her books weren't that good, so I haven't read them yet. They also made a Saige movie but it doesn't come out till July 2nd the day before my sister Emma's birthday, I've seen the trailer for it and its a lot like the books. I'm not sure I'll like it, but I don't watch most of the modern AG movies anyway, so it won't really matter :)
Well that's all! I had a lot of fun reading the Saige books and can't wait till the next girl of the year comes out in 2014. Well that's all for now! Hope you have fun reading this post!